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Hello my name is Shahin... and I know exactly what you're feeling. Well, maybe not exactly, but I do know that I can relate. As a mother of a 2 year old boy - I've been exactly where you are standing in this journey we call parenthood.

Whether you're a brand new mummy or daddy, have a mini-you cooking inside you or your partner or already have one or 2 walking/talking toddlers, this fact remains the same; photographs of your little one are true gifts that are forever cherished. From maternity photos showcasing that pregnancy glow to documented milestone photographs and beyond, every single moment in your child's life is worth preserving.

I'll get to all of that stuff in a moment. Right now, though, find yourself a cozy chair and relax for a bit while I share a little about myself.

As I mentioned, I'm a mother to a wonderful little boy; a beaming light in my life that I can't imagine living without. I'm also a wife to my incredibly supportive husband. In addition to our nightly bath time regimen and strolls around the park, we love baking our own cakes! I'm telling you, nothing is quite as delicious or fulfilling as a home baked cake. And a delicious home baked cake certainly comes in handy after a tiring day!

Of course, photography is another one of my greatest passions. My forte, if you will, is maternity, newborn and children photography. There's just something so rewarding about capturing precious moments that are too easily forgotten without a camera. Not to mention the abundance of adorable chubby legs, elated toothless grins, tiny toes and tufts of soft hair I get to see on a regular basis. And that gorgeous look a pregnant woman has about her? Oh how it makes for some of the most radiant photographs of herself she'll ever own! It's as if a tiny light has illuminated her from the inside out for all the world to see.

Baking, children and photography aside, I also love diving into a good book once my boy is in bed. I'm particularly fond of real-life stories, but I love a good adventurous read, as well.

Speaking of reading, I'm going to stop talking about myself and let you flip through the remaining pages of this website. Inside, you'll learn about the various photography sessions I offer and find answers to some common questions I receive. If you have any other questions or want to learn more, don't hesitate to reach out. I'd love to talk with you!

Until we meet...


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